Jomtien Garden Hotel & Resort | Pattaya, THAILAND

Spa Garden

Escape From The Disorder To The Truly World Of Relaxation

Spa Garden is an economic size spa which is situated in Jomtien Garden Hotel & Resort, Jomtien Beach, Pattaya. You can come to stay and relax in the private and quiet atmosphere with the Boutique Spa of decoration which is the perfect combination between modern and Tradition Thai Style. The inside section is separated into Beauty Salon & Spa.

The Beauty Salon section provides the hair salon and beauty salon services for men and women, come and make yourself special for your beloved one. The Spa services divide into face and body treatment & massage. There are the typical rooms i.e. the private room with Jacuzzi and outside garden bathroom, Thai Traditional Massage Rooms, Foot Massage Section in the beautiful garden or in the room of your choice.

If you are looking for the way out to peaceful, calm and relaxation place, Spa Garden is your answer…


Before use service

Please recommended to arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. We recommend casual dress for your own comfort, without make-up and jewelry. Should not eat too full or drink with caffeine or alcohol



To ensure the availability, Advance reservations are highly recommended. For more information and reservations, please contact Spa Garden

   +66 (38) 231 001-6

   Open Daily
   10:00 - 19:00 hours

Our Service

Body Hydrotherapy

  1. Spa Garden Bath+Massage (45 mins)
    (Select of your choices : Milk/Mineral)
  2. Body Stream+Massage (45 mins)
    (Select of your choices : Thai Herbal/Aromatic Essential Oil)

Scrubs and Wraps

(Scrub/Wrap + Shower + Moisturizer)

  1. Jasmine Young Rice (60 mins)
  2. Coconut Butter Scrub (60 mins)
  3. Salt Glow Scrub (60 mins)
  4. Detoxifying Scrub (60 mins)
  5. Mineral Volcano Clay Mask (60 mins)
  6. Detoxifying Sauna Clay Mask (60 mins)

Body Treatments

  1. Spa Manicure & Pedicure (90 mins)
  2. Electronic Body Wrap Arms or Leg or Abdominal surface (60 mins)
  3. Thai Herbal Detoxifying (90 mins)
  4. Spa Garden Body Treatment (90 mins)
  5. After-Sun Body Treatment (90 mins)
  6. Absolute Cellulite & Firming (90 mins)

Facial Treatments

  1. Spa Garden Whitening & Beauty (60 mins)
  2. Tres Hommie For Men (60 mins)
  3. After-Sun Facial Treatment (60 mins)
  4. Anti Stress Facial Treatment (60 mins)
  5. Spa Garden Anti Aging (60 mins)

Healthy Massage

  1. Thai Traditional Massage (60 mins)
  2. Anti Stress (Head/Neck/Shoulder) (60 mins)
  3. Foot Soak & Massage (60 mins)
  4. Aroma Relaxing Massage (60 mins)
  5. Swedish Massage (60 mins)
  6. Thai Aromatic Hot Oil Massage (60 mins)
  7. Sport Massage (60 mins)
  8. Anti Jet Lag Massage (90 mins)
  9. Spa Garden Massage (90 mins)

Beauty Salon Service

  1. Shampoo & Blow Dry/li>
  2. Hair Cut
  3. Single Braid (per piece)
  4. Hair Treatment
  5. Hair Spa
  6. Hair Tint (Black Hair)
  7. Hair Tint (Colour Hair)
  8. High Light/Low Light
  9. Rebonding Straight Hair
  10. Hair Permanent
  11. Manicure/Pedicure
  12. Manicure & Pedicure
  13. Paraffin (Hand/Foot)
  14. Nail Paint (Hand & Foot)
  15. Nail Art & Decorating
  16. Eyebrows
  17. Eyelash Extension
  18. Eye Curly
  19. Hair Waxing or Removal Underarms
  20. Hair Waxing or Removal Arms
  21. Hair Waxing or Removal Full Legs
  22. Hair Waxing or Removal Half Legs
  23. Hair Waxing or Removal Bikini Line
  24. Hair Waxing or Removal Facial Zone